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Company name
Ceramic Ai Co., Ltd.

Naoaki Kobayashi

Founded / Established July 5, 1983
Capital 40 million yen
number of employees 28 people
Bank Tono Shinkin Bank Head Office, Juroku Bank Tajimi Branch, UFJ Bank Tajimi Branch, etc.
Location of head office / showroom 9-3-23 Asahigaoka, Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture 507-0071
contact address

TEL: 0572-27-8858

FAX: 0572-27-9282 EMAIL:

Business information Wholesale sales of planned and developed products such as gift products, ceramics, glass tableware, cloth products, interior products, etc.




About Ceramic-AI

In Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, we plan and sell original household goods, interior products, and tableware that make use of materials such as glass, lacquerware, iron, cloth, and pottery, centering on Mino ware.
Simple and comfortable tableware suitable for modern homes from traditional Japanese pottery procured from the kiln.
We also have a wide variety of gifts that are perfect for gifts and gifts for loved ones.

To introduce the brands we handle