Company Profile

Trade name CERAMIC AI CO., LTD.

Representative Director Naoaki Kobayashi

Founded / Established July 5, 1983

Capital 40 million yen

Business description Glass, wooden tableware and interior accessories, mainly made of ceramics
Planning, sales and wholesale of household goods such as cloth products

Headquarters / Sales Department Location 507-0071 9-3-23 Asahigaoka, Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture

Contact TEL: 0572-27-8858
FAX: 0572-27-9282

Bank Tono Shinkin Bank Head Office, Juroku Bank Tajimi Branch, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Tajimi Branch, etc.

32 employees (as of the end of September 2021) * Including part- time workers

Affiliated company AI Co., Ltd. (general store management / internet business)

Business concept Assuming various scenes of people who use it, we aim to create "things" that produce abundant time in order to provide "things" of moisture and space.

Related brands "& Ai" "Humor" "Nyanya" "YUKURI" "Fukuiku"


1983 Established with capital of 40 million yen

1989 Newly built head office showroom due to business expansion

1990 Started overseas product development in addition to domestic production (Vietnam / Thailand)

1993 Announced a series of vessels with elegant transfer prints with motifs of ancient Japanese crafts such as Taisho Koimari and kaikai.

1996 Announcement of a series of handmade pottery by a ceramic artist

Exhibited at the 1997 Tokyo International Gift Show. Exhibited every year since then, and exhibited at many other exhibitions.

1998 Started own brand "Humor"

2002 Established AI Co., Ltd., a direct sales subsidiary

2007 Started a transfer print series of floral patterns that will become our own brand "Wa Ai" (later "& Ai")

2013 General store LEUN Namba store opened

2015 General store LEUN Umeda store opened


About ceramic indigo

A relaxing table to spend a comfortable time ...
I think that "rice time", which is nothing in everyday life, is a special time to connect people. We plan ceramic indigo original design products that deliver the vessels that color the special moment, produce them in close discussions at a reliable factory, and keep in mind careful packaging and prompt shipping.
We will deliver the pottery carefully made by the creator from Tajimi, the town of pottery, in consideration of the user.

Handling brands