The fictional café "YUKURI-" Whenever you go there, "hospitality in everyday clothes" awaits you.

The name "YUKURI" is an ancient Japanese word.
It has the meaning of "fate" and "encounter," connecting people to people and things to things. It sounds soothing and gentle to the ear.

The owner's menu consists of simple dishes made from locally produced and consumed ingredients. The owner is also particular about the utensils he uses to enhance the taste of his dishes, which take time and effort to soak into the body. The dishes are served on vessels created by artisans from Mino and Seto, Japan's traditional ceramic production areas. The belief of Cafe YUKURI is to combine the different textures of the different makers as "fun".

Cafe YUKURI is a brand created from such an imaginary world. It is a series of earthenware vessels that you will want to use every day, and vessels that you can enjoy the accidental glaze colors created by flames.
Sometimes loosely, sometimes neatly, we propose imaginative ways to enjoy eating with our dishes.

Bringing the Cafe YUKURI table into your home...